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tldr; I'm crowdfunding and we're 83% done


Current: $58,400

Goal: $70,000

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Apr '00
'Hello, world!'

This cute baby came into this world kicking and screaming (i.e. "bossing people around from day one"), thirsty for knowledge (and baby formula), hungry for success (and pureed apples).

Jan '16
Nerding Out
Nerding Out

Getting progressively less cute and way more nerdy instead, I became infatuated with physics, and so I started worked as a young researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences within nanostructures and quantum dots.

Jun '18
Home of Higgs

Working on industrial SCADA systems at the world's largest particle physics lab was a privilege, but also a bit disappointing. It's a nice flex, sure, but they don't allow interns to create Large Hadron Collider wormholes.

Nov '18
My Bot Came Top

As I learned about business, I realized one key thing: Drafting contracts sucks! And so, I developed a conversational AI chatbot that dumbed down the process for people like me. I guess the folks at IBM liked it enough to give me an international award!

Sep '19
A Man in Manny

Too keen on moving abroad for Czech unis, too “waitlisted” for Stanford, and too poor for life in London? Hi, Mechanical Engineering Management at the Uni of Manchester (very grateful to KFF for a scholarship)!

Nov '19
Gotta Go Fast!

After Czech Railways made me pay full fare (as they didn't believe my student status), I vowed to bankrupt them. Like by being the founding Business Director at England’s first student-led project creating novel transportation tech.

Apr '20
Idea to Impact

At the start of COVID, I tried my best to contribute in my own (startup-y) way. I launched an EdTech platform connecting K12 pupils (seeking help with their assignments) with uni students/tutors (seeking a legit reason to procrastinate from theirs).

Jun '20
Adecco's CEOliver

What’s the logical career step for a startup junkie? Heavily engage in corporate, of course! Thus, I acted as the ‘CEO for One Month’ at Adecco CZ & SK. Glad to report, zero Fortune 500 companies went bankrupt during this time.

Jul '20
20 Under 20

EURO Magazine gave me more credit in one day than my family in over 20 years. Seeing my face on the cover of a magazine was great, but sadly, it didn’t make for as great of a pick-up line as I had thought.

Oct '20
Snack Supremo

People start a business for many reasons. Surely, “Was bored + wanted bulk pricing on my fav African snack” is one of the top ones. So I launched Plantinos, the first Czech plantain chip brand (and gained 15 pounds due to “quality assurance”).

Jan '21
Podcast? CzechMate!

During a time when students couldn’t go abroad, two friends decided to bring the abroad to the students, one episode at a time. Inspiring and helping 1000+ students, we’ve become a top-rated Czech podcast in the education category.

Jun '21
Startup Sherpa

At the helm of AccelerateME, I accelerated the accelerator (how meta!) to a position of the UK's "top" in student startups. It took an awful lot of work and effort, but I got to call myself "Dad of NorthWest's Studentpreneurship", so who really got a good deal?

Feb '22
Knee Deep in Bionics

My aspiration of being like Tony Stark/Iron Man prompted my original research/design of a novel 3D-printed low-cost passive knee joint prosthetic. Fun fact: I submitted it as my dissertation with a massive 16 seconds to spare before the deadline!

Jul '22
Bye, Manchester!

16th year of full-time education. Countless hours spent cramming formulae and writing essays. $10,000s invested. Too many sleepless nights writing essays and lab reports. And all I got was another piece of paper.

Jan '23
Hello, LA!

That said, one more "piece of paper" won't hurt, eh? And so, when I got offered a place at USC Viterbi to continue my journey of nerding over innovative technology, I jumped on it.


“Selling shares” (or “tokenization”, if you were to ask any obnoxious crypto bro/sis trying to sound smart) is not the most obvious concept on first sight.

‘So what the heck is it, Oliver?’ you may ask.

Well, imagine an exciting up-and-coming startup with loads of potential that is seeking to grow its offering and expand the business, but requires money to do so. Usually, such a business would issue stocks or shares and offer them to ROI-seeking investors who – after purchasing – become stakeholders with an interest in the business’s growth, as they directly benefit from its future success.

Now, imagine that this company is not a company at all; it’s actually Yours Truly! But because human beings are difficult to piece up and sell by parts in the real world (or rather, it’s very much illegal), we call to the digital world for help. Similar to investing by buying a share of your favorite up-and-coming firm, you can invest by buying a “token” that represents a share in the success of a motivated, educated, up-and-coming human being (who will certainly do the most to be your favorite) – with all the proceeds being invested into education and skills which should only magnify the potential/success/ROI, creating a beautiful flywheel!

Put simply, “You want a piece of me?!” has just gotten a new meaning.

Ready to redefine it and do something unique by joining me on this wild ride?

Every 1 $OLI gets you...

Investing in an asset that promises to appreciate in value just for it to chill passively in your Robinhood account or your crypto wallet sounds pretty darn boring to me…

But neither would I endorse schmoozing potential investors by overpromising – but radically underdelivering – imaginary (and usually very fluffy) ownership benefits and overhyping made-up “sPEcIaL ExcLuSIvE NFT cOmmUnItY mEmBErShIp”.

I prefer to talk specific, tangible, and quantifiable benefits that transcend the traditional asset ownership experience, and make your participation in this unique experiment truly unrefusable.

① 1 hour of my time

Together, we’ll find the perfect intersection of: where my skills lie & where I can add the most value to you or your organization. Then, for every token you own, you’ll get a full hour of my time to do just those activities (…or well, any that you pick). This can be claimed anytime in the time interval [now; the end of my days]*.

*considering I intend to dedicate my career to the field of transhumanism, this could totally make it a non-expirable deal.

This could be anything from using 5 years of event-moderating/emceeing experience to add pizazz to your events…

…to pimping our your copywriting and/or revamping your firm’s operations through AI chatbot set-up or no-code development of your proprietary platform…

…and heck, even if you’d most benefit from your lawn being mowed, I’ll do that, too.

AI-Generated: “A string puppet that looks like a 20-year-old guy with a mid-brown skin tone and short black fade hair, controlled by a big puppet master hand positioned above, light grey background, eye-level shot, long angle shot, photorealistic.”

② 1 vote in my life decisions

Every token you hold represents a single vote in a number of key life decisions and dilemmas that I’ll face. You’ll then have the power to influence said choices, like a digital puppet master playing a massive game of The Sims with me as your avatar.

Should I pursue a MedTech venture, or dive into an AI-focused startup idea? You own the tokens; you decide.

Which charity should I volunteer for on the weekends? Call the shots, sheriff.

Anything the majority of token holders wants, I will obey.*

*as long as it doesn’t involve eating blue cheese or dyeing my hair.

AI-Generated: “A string puppet that looks like a 20-year-old guy with a mid-brown skin tone and short black fade hair, controlled by a big puppet master hand positioned above, light grey background, eye-level shot, long angle shot, photorealistic.”

③ $100 in startup equity

As you get to know me, you’ll learn my future is in startups – as a serial founder (ideally, if it’s due to sequential successes, not consecutive bankruptcies).

This career choice is not as much of an optional “I want to.” as much as it is a mandatory “My problems with authority make me literally unemployable!”. Hence, founding a startup is pretty do-or-die for me, and for a potential investor, it presents another potentially ROI-positive reason to deviously rub their hands.

So – after the dust settles on the cap table after the first investment round of my next startup – I will match your investment in me today by providing shares of equal value in the future. No vesting. No fluff. Just pure equity.

AI-Generated: “dark complexion boy riding on top of a rocket into space and cheering and holding a $100 note, black hair, cartoon, Justin Roiland art style”

AI-Generated: “Da Vinci’s Last Supper as a shareholder meeting, with a Juan Soto lookalike – young lightskin-black guy with short black hair – presenting in the middle”

④ Exclusive quarterly meetings

Owning tokens (regardless if 1 or 100) doesn’t just give you passive bragging rights for being a part of an exclusive club, alongside some of the most illustrious people/philanthropists from all corners of the world. Since I appreciate that actively knowing the state of your investment at all times is pretty key – your ownership guarantees you an active front-row seat at the quarterly shareholder extravaganzas.

On the menu: a serving of the juiciest updates & insider info, the corniest of dad jokes & bad puns, and – as a cherry on top – the crème de la crème (i.e. fellow high-rollers who just like you are passionate enough (and bonkers enough) to invest in people’s potential) with whom you’ll have a chance to virtually rub elbows.

AI-Generated: “Da Vinci’s Last Supper as a shareholder meeting, with a Juan Soto lookalike – young lightskin-black guy with short black hair – presenting in the middle”

⑤ Helluva lot of karma

By investing into a token, you’re not only funding a bright young student’s tuition as he achieves his educational dreams and ambitions; you’re also funding your path to enlightenment!

Your good deed will help you rack up impressive amounts of good karma points faster than you can say “Namaste.”, making you the envy of all your friends as they watch you ascend to the top of the karmic leaderboard.

Trust me, your soul will thank you later.

AI-Generated: “An investor in a dark suit meditating in deep outer space, reaching a state of nirvana, increasing karma, vivid color palette, 1970s impressionism in the style of Claude Monet”

Where will this money go?

I’m no quantum physicist (*anymore), but I’m still a sucker for a nerdy number-filled spreadsheet! And since I also happen to be a sucker for being an honest and transparent bloke, I’ll be the first one to openly “talk money” and mathematically outline how your investment will be utilized.

All funds will be used exclusively for tuition and study expenses. That means no fancy gym memberships, no 2-for-1 tacos on your dime, nor will this fund my Monster Energy-powered caffeine addiction. I want to be nothing but responsible with your investment, and thus, will be using it exclusively for the things that matter most(*) and that contribute to growth. Every penny will be made to count.

* Yes, Ramen goes into this category.

Why do this?

Simple: I despise vanilla.

No, not the smell, not the taste; but the sheer “vanilla-ness” (*) of lives that most people lead and the actions most take.

I strive to go the other way, away from vanilla. Something deep inside of me compels me to take actions that are not ordinary (or ‘non-vanilla’), and I take great pride in fighting a good fight against vanilla.

This way of life may seem non-standard to many, but to me, it makes sense…

…because otherwise, what stories will you one day tell your grandkids? Where’s the pizzazz?

So, when everyone orders a scoop of vanilla, I may go for bubblegum flavor or Vietnamese
Coffee with Frosted Almonds and Peanut Butter Curry
, just to remind myself to not be boring.

…and by extension, when everyone asks their parents or loans money for tuition,
I seek the most interesteing story-worthy alternative.

(*) totally just made that word up.
(**) shoutout to Shaan and Sam of MFM for the inspo.

The Grand Vision

As much as it would benefit me to schmooze you with a very specific grand vision for what I’ll accomplish in the future (which industry I wish to commit to, what startup I will launch, etc.), I possess enough integrity to recognize that words are cheap, and hyper-specific promises can be broken just as easily as they are made. The truth is that my “curse” of natural curiosity and inquisitiveness makes more than one career/industry destinations possible, even despite hi-tech medical technology development being seemingly the overwhelming favorite as of now.

But there is one thing that I can promise!

One thing that is integral to who I am.

Without this one thing, there is no Oliver.

So if you really wish to get a glimpse into my psyche and learn what drives me forward/what will permeate the journey irrespective of where it leads, don’t bother with fluffy corporate speak and read my personal statement (or at least its first few paragraphs) which I wrote to encapsulate what this thing is. It’s the real deal – the unfiltered, unvarnished truth about who I am and what I’m all about. If you like it, you’re bound to love the journey (regardless of the final destination).

My addiction is rather unusual.

I don’t drink coffee; I despise smoking; I’ve never gambled. I can proudly claim I’ve not really allowed any of life’s usual vices into my life.

But tragically, there is one addiction that I’ve been consumed by. I am truly addicted to creation.

I was (and have been) held spellbound by the act of “zero to one” creation – a mind-blowing event reminiscent of art to me: how seemingly out of thin air, one can – through careful synthesis by following the instructions of an ingenious designer – apply short brush strokes on a blank canvas (in the form of a few unassuming nuts, bolts, and parts on the floor) to produce something beautiful, useful, and “real”.

My honest fascination with the process that shapes something (in place of where there was nothing before) has not diminished since. Conversely, it has intensified, as I have soon realized rather than being a sole consumer and constructor of to-be-built products, I, too, have the ability to be a producer or “that ingenious designer” who gets to shape the environment around him, change the status quo, and improve the daily experiences of people around through carefully crafted and innovatively ideated creations.

The next steps...

I doubt I can emphasize this enough, but you might literally be a single click away (okay, maybe two) from doing something historic!

Not that I consider investing specifically in little ol’ – egotistical-sounding – me to be something record-book-worthy. However, by playing along with my bonkers proposal, you might become one of the trailblazers of a completely new way of student/talent funding that could revolutionize the way things are done. This could one day be the story of a paradigm-shifting movement, and you are one step from being a part of it.

As for the specific steps to invest, I’m already asking you for money, so I’m not going to take your time as well, eh? I’ve ensured to make it as seamless as possible. All you have to do is:

  • 1️⃣ Drag the slider and see what you’re getting for how much you’d like to invest.
  • 2️⃣ Hit the big beautiful button to pop me an email.
  • 3️⃣ I ask you for your autograph underneath several paragraphs of legal jargon that makes it “really real”.
  • 4️⃣ You get to bask in the glory of your great investment!
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